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"87% of All Entrepreneurs and Small Sales Teams Fail
to Successfully Execute Their Strategy-to-Grow Every Year"

-Harvard Business Review

Let Us Help You
              Fix Your Business... successfully generate 7-digit revenue growth

Faster Growth Strategies is an alternative to "consulting", sales training, and "enrolling" in online video courses that take forever in your spare time, rarely are finished (only 5-15% do), and rarely last in effect.  This is the most successful guaranteed revenue strategy execution system for entrepreneurs and sales teams in the world.

For Business Owners and Sales Teams
(No Video Training)

Hi, I'm Dan Prosser. 

When I first uncovered this 87% statistic, in the research for my book, THIRTEENERS, I didn't believe it. Then when I discovered it was true, I set out to discover the source of this expensive failure and create an effective solution. And no, it's not funnels or buying leads in case you're thinking that.

I've spent the past 50 years building and selling my own businesses.

During those years, I've often enjoyed the adventure of being an entrepreneur - if you can call selling Amway and World Book Encyclopedia door to door, as a "kid" (before I started my first business), as being an adventure. Those were lessons in what I didn't want to spend the rest of my life learning, although I gotta hand it to my mentors, who did. I did learn alot.

All of my subsequent businesses were based on ideas I had when I saw what was happening in various industries, that others weren't seeing, and didnt know how to approach.

What I'm doing now, since selling my last two businesses in 2001 to competitors, is sharing what I call 'The Billionaire's Secrets' with entrepreneurs like you, who are struggling with the same things I did when my businesses were just emerging and also through what should have been easy growth - but just not fast enough. These are profound discoveries I made while researching for my book – and have been teaching to clients for the past 20+ years),  And, BTW, I once was a dues-paying member of the 87% club myself.

I don't believe video courses are the answer to helping entrepreneurs leverage the 'transformational technology' that's available through these programs. I’ve only ever worked 'live' with individuals and groups. The priciples and preactices involved here are too important to train on videos.

I have a new group of entrepreneurs starting to work with me later in February 2024 and I'm offering it for less than you would ever pay for a set of videos you will likely never watch. We're going to work together AND achieve a seemingly impossible level of growth for you and, of course, your business.It's not about the money - for us it's about teaching others who are on a similar path to leverage the secrets.

It would be exciting if you chose to join me and my team, for a very personal level of successful  business growth. THE BILLIONAIRES SECRETS BOOTCAMP

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When you have a small close-knit team, it is hard to hold each other accountable. After listening to what we do and how we do it, Dan Prosser led us to create a revenuje growth strategy and the proper metrics to measure the success of his system we used. The principles and practices of The Billionaire's Secret' is really effective. It paints a picture and gives us feedback. We use it every week.”


Changing the type of metrics being tracked can be difficult. “It was really hard for me to give up tracking our monthly results and change to tracking our activity. At the end of the day, it was the right thing to do. Results don’t happen without the activity that precedes it.”


Every business and their team is unique. By building a customized system, our close-knit group can hold each other accountable togeteher and just feel the letting go of stress and generating success. “Dan walked in, got to know us, and become a caring part of our business. He cared about our results.”

- SB



Charles no longer wanted to be an employee. After years working in corporate interior design, and he wanted to design environments for a certain big clientele. “Drawn to healthcare” he started his business, because of the positive impact art has on patients, family members, and employees.


As the business began to grow, Charles knew little about how to position it for growth. “We are art people who don’t know how to run a business. We just know how to create beautiful things.”


Wanting someone with “expertise in how to actually run a company,” he turned to Dan Prosser who immediately started analyzing different aspects of the business. “We were just a ‘mom and pop’ shop when Dan came. He got us organized and running successfully and quickly like a real company.”


One of the significant things Dan did was bring the company together. All employees, from the framers to the artists, would gather in one room. “Dan coached us on how to relate to each other and produce amazing results - honest and open dialogue even during our times of struggle to grow.


"Today we are a premier firm in the healthcare industry in the United States. In our second year with Dan, we were listed on the INC. 5000 at #2245.  We started with 8 employees but you can see how big we are now in the photo" >>>>

- CW

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Team Meeting

When Dan Prosser came to help us, we were underwater with a negative growth rate. Our process began with a declaration of what we wanted the end of the next 12 months to look like and the accomplishments we wanted to make.


We initially focused on alignment, which was created by making sure all team members were engaged in the process and on the same page.


This has catapulted our Group into a 60% percent increase in revenues in just the first five months of the program!


Team alignment is one of the most powerful mechanisms a company can use to reach its strategic goals.


Dan Prosser's program has given us the tools to reach alignment with one another, which includes support from all team members, as well as focusing our energy and resources on the desired outcome. We learned what it means to draw on the individual strengths of group members, identify improvement opportunities, establish individual and group goals, and how to come into alignment to excel and achieve those goals.


It has been a fun and fascinating experience to witness such a diverse group as ours working together as a team. What we’ve enjoyed most about Dan Prosser’s system is the process itself. Individuals at every level participated in decision-making.


When we started, many of us were apprehensive, and although it was brought to the forefront early that everyone wanted better communication, we were somewhat slow to open up to express our thoughts. It took time to open up, but through the non-threatening environment in which our meetings were held, better communication started happening and results followed.


From the very first day, everyone had a voice This seems like a simple formula but is what our Group has taken on; we have invented a new way of thinking and a new way of being with each other and with our clients.


The Billionaire Secrets Boot Camp
to Grow Your Business by 7 Digits

Click the button below to change everything you thought you knew about growing revenue in your business & your life:
  • How to set you and your business up for 7-digit revenue growth this year

  • How to identify the market you want to build your business around that you may not see.

  • How to pursue a seemingly-impossible future that you have no idea how to reach right now.

  • How to identify what's standing in the way - undermining & sabotaging the plan you had when you started.

  • How to create a strategy that can be successfully executed to to produce seemingly-impossible revenue growth.

  • How to break the entrepreneurial habit of low net worth.

  • How to close the gap between where you are now and where you declare you want to be to cause  future wealth

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