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How To Generate INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth in the Next 12 Months or Less

One, simple, 4-step system, to build a company that generates

INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth.

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Learn the Principles and Practices

to Support The Strategy

Design the framework for delivering fail-proof hyper-growth

Launch and begin generating INC. 5000-Level revenue growth

Stop managing people 

Start managing promises

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The Blueprint for Building a High-Performance Team 

and Generating INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth

in 12-24 months or less

Download Now


87% of All Companies Fail To Fully Execute Their Strategy

To Grow Revenue Every Year...


Bragging Rights

"We needed someone with expertise in how to build a company, and we turned to Dan Prosser who immediately started helping us build opportunities for our business that we couldn't see. We thought we were just a ‘mom and pop’ shop, then Dan arrived. He got our heads turned around and building a real company. As a result, we became an INC. 5000 company (#2245). In 2 years, we grew from under $1 million to $13 million in revenue.  Dan set us on a path for growth and now we're taking it to the next level.” 

 - CW, President 

”It was Dan’s authenticity and desire to really help me that made the biggest impact. I’ve worked with a number of advisers and business consultants in the past. It’s extremely difficult to find someone who is the real deal. Dan’s the ‘real deal.”

                                                                                                                                                         -TB, CEO, Denver

"It only took our team to commit to a strategy and execution system they themselves created.  We then collaborated with a sense of urgency, I'd never seen, to achieve their commitments to each other. We're now in a better position to deliver greater results to our clients at a

far lower cost."

                                                                                                                                         - DW, CEO Minnesota

"When you have a close-knit team, it is hard to hold each other accountable. Dan walked in, got to know us, and become a core part of our business. He cared about our results"

After listening to what we do and how we do it, Dan came up with the right KRA metrics to achieve a result we didn't think was ever possible using his online 'Accountability Scorecard®. “The software is easy to use and extremely effective. It paints a picture we could never see before and gives us feedback we could never get, either. We use it every Monday morning to set up the week ahead.”
- SB, CEO, Minnesota

"Alignment, motivation, healthier employee morale and an improved bottom line –
these were just a few of the exciting results of executing a strategic plan, with Dan

The Entrepreneurial Advisory Services Group accepted this challenge and opened our minds to the possibilities … the possibilities of success, growth, greatness, and profound achievement!

The process began with a declaration of who our group is and what we wanted at the end of the next 12 months to look like, and the accomplishments we wanted to make as a team.

Each team member, including the managing director – chose a “role” that he or she would play and for which each person was individually accountable during the upcoming months.

This gave each member a sense of belonging, a sense of connectedness and
appreciation and a defined place for each of us to contribute, as well as a voice in the
decision-making process – all in an effort to create a highly effective team where
amazing results could flourish.

This alignment, which was created by making sure all team members were
engaged in the process and on the same page, we reached our first goal - a 60 percent increase in revenues in just the first five months of the program!"

                                                                                                                                                       - The entire EAS Team

Want to know what Promisez will do for your team(s)?

Very Simple. Extremely Fast.

With A Guaranteed Outcome.

A powerful new business model & execution management system that will change the trajectory of your business. Not found in business books or anywhere else. Actually there is one book and you can download it here FREE 

Stop managing individual employees. Boost your sales and operations teams performance by turning over management to your employees. Stop managing people : Start managing promises.

A Community. Benefit from accomplishments and discoveries of others who have generated INC. 5000-level revenue growth or have actually become an INC. 5000 company.

This is the Art & Science of
Flawless Strategy Execution

You want to improve employee performance and better management. You've looked at software applications, with all kinds of bells and whistles - colored lights and dials and magnificant readouts - all designed to make you feel like "this is really going to do the job". Then you try to learn it. It takes weeks and could take months.


The difference?

We're not a software company.


We don't sell software. We provide software but we dont sell it. We deliver results. We designed our system to improve human performance.  We don't design our systems to bloat it with confusing features so it looks "powerful". We're 'Human Behavior Specialists'. We use our software, that we developed, to help our clients improve their revenue generation fast and easy. Software is supposed to get you there faster. That doesn't happen when you have to figure it out or hire a person to run it for you. We've been designing human behavior systems since before Windows 95 was released (1995).

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A Strategy and Execution Management System
Built on a Framework of
'Promise-Based Management'
and the 'Accountability Scorecard'®

An Actual Client Feedback Screen

INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth
In 12 - 24 Months Or Less

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Denver Airport Book Store

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Why Only 13% of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy and How Yours Can Be One of Them

"I wrote THIRTEENERS to bring evidence-based principles and practices of a new management system for every CEO and team to know what it takes to shift a company from mediocre performance to INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth"

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